Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homemade false eyelash glue, help?

I have false eyelashes but no glue and no way of getting false eyelash glue, how do i stick the buggers on? Can I use like craft glue? or is there anything homemade I can do?Homemade false eyelash glue, help?
No oh my god that is NOT SAFE! chemicals, and just generally able to open your eyes, just use extra mascara, lash curlers and eyeliner today, and buy more eyelash glue tomorrow! :DHomemade false eyelash glue, help?
hey you COULD use school glue..the good kind. i tried it when my lash was falling off in class. it takes a lot to make it dry though.

but seriously, getting false eyelashes you can afford the glue. get some in cvs or walmart or walgreens.
uh no what the hell are you thinking are you serious?? they should sell it at stores like walmart or cvs... and honestly if you use hair glue that they use for extensions they stay on A LOT longer about 2 months
use crayola. it tastes better

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